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Hire me to work with you as a consultant for 100 days to review, analyse, strategise & plan your new business, team or project.

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1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Stepping In  – Are you new to Leadership?  What is your leadership brand?  How do you want others to experience you?  

Do you want to plan for success and make your first 100 days really count?

Stepping Up – Are you stepping into the next level of leadership?   Do you want to explore how to leave operational baggage behind so that you can focus on strategy?

Stepping Out – Are you stepping out of your corporate leadership role in order to set up your own business? Do you want to  set a clear vision and make a fast and effective start that is aligned with your purpose and values?

Stepping ForwardHave you/are you thinking about stepping forward after leaving behind a company, partnership or relationship that no longer serves you?  Do you want to move forward with confidence and clarity? 

6 week and 100-day programmes available following my structured Resourceful Leader method.

V.I.P. Retreats

As a leader do you sometimes feel like there is little or no time to work ON your business because you are too busy working IN your business?  

Do you run from one meeting to another with little time to prepare, reflect or follow up on commitments?

Do you feel like you are always running at pace without any time to focus on your own needs or your own personal development? 

Leadership Retreats are a powerful way to invest in yourself and your business by taking time out each quarter to review your learning from the last 3 months and prepare for a strong 3 months ahead.

Team Start-Ups

“Not finance.  Not strategy.  Not technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare” (Patrick Lencioni)

As a leader I know you have taken great care to  hire and onboard talented team members.  Now you are wondering what is the best way to empower them work together well and accelerate their performance as a team.

Avoid the traditional “Away Day” or team social event and instead invest in helping your team to know their individual and collective strengths and agree their “must wins”. 

I design and facilitate coaching programmes for extraordinary teams  to help them agree their vision and purpose and build the foundations for success including trust and communication.  I also carry out a team audit and team profiling using the Team Management Profile – which helps everyone understand their strengths and preferences and agree their ways of working.  

Client Love


Lisa has helped me build confidence, develop personal skills and tools to build resilience in the workplace, improve my decision-making and navigate a competitive, fast-paced and sometimes bruising media work environment.

Lisa is passionate about wanting others to succeed and to improve the way we work. And she has built up an impressive arsenal of tools and techniques to help the people/ businesses she works with to do that.

Lisa is very empathetic, a great listener and communicator. Vital for working closely with people and helping them achieve their goals!

Lisa also shows great resilience and adaptability in her work and career – it’s inspiring to see her own professional growth, success and development. She’s also hungry to keep developing which I greatly admire.

Rebecca, Senior Producer, BBC

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