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Coming to you for coaching is like going to the gym; like a workout for my mind! 

Project Director, Pharmaceuticals

Lisa has helped me build confidence, develop personal skills and tools to build resilience in the workplace, improve my decision-making and navigate a competitive, fast-paced and sometimes bruising media work environment.

Lisa is passionate about wanting others to succeed and to improve the way we work. And she has built up an impressive arsenal of tools and techniques to help the people/ businesses she works with to do that. 

Lisa is very empathetic, a great listener and communicator. Vital for working closely with people and helping them achieve their goals! 

Lisa also shows great resilience and adaptability in her work and career – it’s inspiring to see her own professional growth, success and development. She’s also hungry to keep developing which I greatly admire. 

Rebecca, Senior Producer, BBC

I have found this relatively small investment in time very powerful in adjusting behaviours in a positive manner, driving the formation of strong working relationships which has had an almost immediate impact in effectiveness. 

Chief of Staff, R&D

Work life has been so much more enjoyable since my coaching sessions; you made evaluate what is important and what I could take control of.  My working relationship with my manager has also improved and I believe this is down to our discussion about [Transactional Analysis]!  I really valued you guidance and support over the last few months. 

A big thank you for your support and advice”.  

Senior PA, Pharmaceuticals

Coming to you I like going to the gym; like a workout for my mind!  

Project Director, Pharmaceuticals

“I first connected with Lisa to help me plan my transition into a new and demanding role. She is both challenging and fun to work with and brings a freshness and enthusiasm to our meetings that I find energizing.” 

Garry Pairaudeau, AstraZeneca  

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