To be at our best it is important that we feel safe with each other.   I give you my word that our conversations will always remain confidential and ask you to trust the process that I provide in my coaching and consulting sessions with you.


This means setting out  from the start clear boundaries for how we work together so that we can treat each other as we would like to be treated.


I bring an open and honest approach to my work, with no hidden agenda.  I ask you to bring an open and curious mind to our coaching sessions.


I commit to showing up for you and giving you my best.  I ask you to commit and show up for yourself and  make a promise to yourself that you will do the work that you need to do to move forward.

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Skilled and adept at navigating small teams and large organizations. Lisa was instrumental in quickly establishing clear strategic goals and plans plus the ensuing new team development of a major offshoring project. Through this project, Lisa showed her deep experience in building teams, driving culture change, and uncovering the hidden people and process elements that block success.

Lance Minor

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