Are you on track to meet your strategic goals?

97% of leaders, who were surveyed by Harvard Business Review, said they felt that being strategic is the most important leadership behaviour for their success, but 96% of those leaders also said they didn’t have enough time for it.

Are you a leader who is:

Caught up in an endless stream of critical meetings?
With little time to prepare or reflect/follow up on the next steps?
Constantly fielding questions or solving problems?
Caught up in the busyness of being a leader?
Losing sight of the overall or end goal?
Desiring time for out for strategic thinking?

Invest in your future

Join us for our exclusive One-day 1:1 strategic VIP Leadership Retreat.

Face to face or virtual (depending on the current government advice).

Sign up and receive a free 60 minute Power Hour in advance of your VIP day.

How can this VIP day make a strategic difference to me?

One day of strategic immersion is enough time for most leaders to make a big difference to your next 100 days but not too much to overwhelm or take you away from important business priorities.

We have carefully designed this one-day 1:1 retreat to help you focus focuses on the most common issues that leaders face – including the issue of how to balance operational delivery with long term business strategy and resilience. 

Our clients always tell us that they see this “time out” as a valuable investment in their future.


I first connected with Lisa to help me plan my transition into a new and demanding role. She is both challenging and fun to work with and brings a freshness and enthusiasm to our meetings that I find energizing.

Garry Pairaudeau

Lisa’s style is friendly and informal yet still professional, and I felt very comfortable trusting her.  I am very happy to recommend Lisa as a great coach and thought partner.

Sarah Gayle

Lisa is passionate about wanting others to succeed and to improve the way we work. And she has built up an impressive arsenal of tools and techniques to help the people/ businesses she works with to do that.

Rebecca Maxted


A tailored and structured outline for your 1:1 VIP Retreat day – designed to accelerate your strategic plans and leadership actions.

A personalised diagnostic and baseline measurement
Expert coaching & mentoring insights to help you craft your next 100-day strategic Plan

1 hour 1:1 follow-up in 6-8 weeks.

We want to make sure you are able to stay on track with your leadership vision and strategy.

Links to relevant leadership tools and resources.

Your personalised VIP Leadership Development Plan Leadership or Team Management Profile report is also available by agreement.

An invitation to join the private Resourceful Leader community.

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