About Lisa

Hi I am Lisa Birtles.

I have over 25 years’ experience of working for and with large corporates including FTSE Top 100 companies, SME’s and organisations in the UK’s not-for-profit sector.   I work 1:1 with leaders and I also work with teams

My Experience

I spent my corporate career working on a wide range of people and change projects including start-ups, culture & capability transformation, downsizing, site closure and off-shoring.

My clients tell me they value my calm, analytical yet empathetic approach to projects and problem solving, bringing teams and projects to life.

My superpower is in calm reflection, clear vision & strategy creation. I help leaders and entrepreneurs co-create the conditions for success through themselves,  their projects and  their teams.

I believe that leaders are made not born and I have spent my career building a resourceful toolkit for leaders that combines the best of big business with the fields of psychology and NLP.

I am hugely values driven and have learnt lots about my conscious approach to decision making using values that I would love to share with you.

How I can help you

I now work with professional leaders from large organisations and small start-ups alike who are leading people & projects and trying to balance it all.  Leaders like you who really want to “get it right” are keen to learn and who want to work in a healthier, more sustainable way.

I believe in people and that everyone has the right to play to their strengths and shine.  If we choose to work with each other you will see that your vision becomes my vision and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to see it become a reality.

I specialise in inspiring others to learn and be resourceful whether I am working with you as your consultant, coach, trainer or mentor and love helping you go from problems/ideas to people, team & business strategies & plans that work.

I am a warm, down to earth northern lass who cares deeply about people and loves to laugh and have fun whilst achieving serious goals.  If that sounds like it would work for you, I ‘d love to hear from you.

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